Bert’s Jewish by Marriage

By Candice Krieger, May 27, 2009

Great excitement on the JC’s arts and entertainment desk this week with the arrival of an email offering an interview with Bert Jansch. What? You mean the award-winning, Scottish folk-rock guitar hero? The man Neil Young and Jimmy Page count as a seminal influence? That Bert Jansch? We had absolutely no idea he was Jewish.

Oh yes he is, confirms the public relations company. Or at least we’re pretty sure he is. Tell you what, we’ll just check. Back comes an email a short while later. Erm, Bert’s not actually Jewish. But his wife is. Perhaps he could talk to you about having a Jewish mother-in-law. Even though the mother-in-law in question turns out to be Jewish Music Institute supremo Geraldine Auerbach. We politely decline.

Last updated: 4:39pm, May 27 2009