Berko gets ruff over dog

By Simon Round, October 30, 2008

Former Premier League star Eyal Berkovic has angered animal-lovers in Israel.

During an interview last weekend on the country's Channel 10 TV, the 36-year-old told viewers that his family dog, Chuckie, was a nuisance and that he shoved him away whenever he came near.

The Israeli animal-welfare organisation Let The Animals Live received dozens of complaints after the programme, so its spokesperson Etti Altman contacted Berkovic. Altman told him that if he felt so negatively about Chuckie, she would be happy to find a "better" home for the dog. "At first we had a very friendly conversation," Altman says. "But then he got angry said that if I didn't leave him alone he would send me the dog's ear in the post. I put the phone down and cried."

    Last updated: 1:34pm, October 30 2008