Bad sign for journalist

By Simon Round, February 12, 2009

Normally, the protocol for a journalist is that when one is attending an event featuring a major political figure, one does not ask for his autograph.

However, Robert Feuereisen, who works for the New York-based Jewish World Review website, simply could not contain himself when reporting a recent Barack Obama event in Washington, and jumped the ropes separating reporters from guests in order to ask for the president’s signature.

Binyamin Jolkovsky, the editor of the site, said that Feuereisen’s 12-year-old son had “driven him crazy” to get Obama’s signature.

Feuereisen received a warning after being apprehended by secret service agents before he and his autograph book reached the president, but he has not lost his credentials.

Last updated: 12:48pm, February 12 2009