Antisemitic story time

By Simon Round, August 6, 2009

Over here we have CBeebies and in Egypt they have Al-Rahm, which screens children’s programmes too — the only difference between the two networks being the virulently antisemitic content of the latter.

On a recent Islamic children’s show, a child was quoted as saying “Oh Allah, completely destroy and shatter the Jews.

“Oh Allah, torment them with a disease which has no cure or remedy. Send a thunderbolt down upon them from heaven.

“Oh Allah, torment them with every kind of torment.”

The host replied: “Well done. I let him end the show on purpose... This is one stage in becoming a future preacher.”

It makes one nostalgic for the days of “‘Time for bed’, said Zebedee.”

Last updated: 12:31pm, August 6 2009