Amy’s rehab: no, no, no, yes?

By Simon Round, May 30, 2008

Last week’s JC report that Amy Winehouse planned to fly to Israel for rehab was followed up by papers around the world. Eliezer Cohen, chairman of the Israel Anti-Drug Administration, told us that Winehouse’s representatives “spoke to a renowned institution and an Israeli professor” who was expecting her arrival within weeks .

After our story broke, Winehouse’s management dismissed it as “nonsense”. But was it? Winehouse’s manager, Ray Cosbert, called our newsdesk on Friday to complain that he was “very disappointed” that patient confidentiality had been breached by the Israelis. We will leave readers to judge whether such a claim could have been made had there been no “patient” in the first place.

Last updated: 3:34pm, May 29 2008