Adam: Al qaeda’s top jew

By Simon Round, June 18, 2009

They say the Jews get everywhere, well here is proof that one has ended up in a very unlikely position — running Al Qaeda.
Adam Yahiye Gadahn, also known as Azzam the American, is one of the most influential Al Qaeda activists. In a new video, he has spoken about his Jewish roots for the first time.

Gadahn’s grandfather was Jewish but don’t expect any reminiscences about bowls of chicken soup on a Friday night.

Gadahn is fairly hardcore — indeed, he is on the FBI’s most wanted list,
He refers to his grandfather as a “Zionist” and “a zealous supporter of the usurper entity”. He also notes that several members of his family live in Tel Aviv.

Guess he is not planning to visit any time soon.

Last updated: 3:20pm, June 18 2009