Abramovich loves shack

By Simon Round, April 22, 2009

We don’t know how reliable the Russian Izrus news agency is, but if its report is accurate, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich must be feeling the credit crunch.

According to the agency’s account, the Russian oligarch arrived in Israel for Passover by private helicopter. But during his stay in the country, he rented a small shack in the Negev desert for which he paid the owner in advance.

For five days, according to Izrus, he was left alone eat dry lepeshki (a kind of bread) and drink only water.

Could this be the same guy who owns as many ships as the Swiss navy? Of course, he could have been munching matzah, but given that Abramovich owns a bacon factory back home in Russia, this seems unlikely.

Last updated: 6:39pm, April 22 2009