How to play fantasy rabbis

January 11, 2013

The Sunday Times magazine invited some of the paper’s contributors to live out their childhood dreams for a day; A.A.Gill wanted to be a knight, Rod Liddle a train driver and Tanya Gold a rabbi.
She took up the chance to occupy the pulpit when she led Friday night prayers at Kingston Liberal Synagogue in south London.

However, she is unlikely to be giving up her columns to enrol at rabbinic college. The experience was terrifying and she felt the congregation was unconvinced. “I creep away,” she recorded sadly. “The fantasy melts in the street like frost...”

But don’t despair, Tanya. You can always buy one of these American Grand Rabbi costumes which, according to the Failed Messiah blog, is being sold online by American supermarket chain Walmart (in adult and kids’ versions).

Last updated: 12:38pm, January 11 2013