Kosher way to cure diabetes

November 30, 2012

There’s a famous joke about the Englishman, the Frenchman and the Jew in the desert. The Englishman says: “I’m so thirsty, I must have beer”; the Frenchman says: ”I’m so thirsty, I must have Perrier” and the Jew says: “I’m so thirsty, I must have diabetes”.

Now, according to new research, being kosher might be the way to avoid type 2 diabetes. It seems the main culprit in the disease is high fructose corn syrup, which is used in nearly all soft drinks in the US. So if you want to avoid this substance in America you need to buy kosher-for-Passover Coke which is still sweetened with cane sugar. Perfect for the desert.

Last updated: 2:14pm, November 30 2012