An overseas Chief Rabbi?

November 1, 2012

Those on future Chief Rabbi watch should keep their eyes peeled for a sighting of Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt, who is rumoured to be about to visit here again soon.

A second trip in the space of a few months would confirm impressions that the senior rabbi of the Riverdale Jewish Centre in New York has been moving quietly closer to the centre of the picture as a possible successor to Lord Sacks.

The Baltimore-born rabbi, 55, is a great-grandson of the famous cantor Yossele Rosenblatt. His doctorate in British literature and willingness to speak at New York Limmud puts him clearly in the modern Orthodox mould.
He is reputed to be a gifted mentor of rabbis and a recent programme he ran in Los Angeles included one United Synagogue rabbi, Nicky Liss of Highgate Synagogue.

According to his congregation’s website, he plays squash and has a keen interest in herpetology (that’s the study of reptiles — a pursuit which should come in handy for anyone who might find himself in the thick of Anglo-Jewish politics)

Last updated: 10:58am, November 2 2012