Dr Who debut for Sugar's cubes

September 28, 2012
Lord Sugar with his little black boxes

Lord Sugar with his little black boxes

The latest episode of Dr Who had a higher Jewish content than normal. Not only was the evil villain played by the actor who has made evil villains his speciality, Steven Berkoff, but there was a surprise appearance by Lord Sugar.

The story turned on an unlikely alien invasion by millions of black cubes, whose inaction for their first five months on earth soon made them part of the furniture. The cubes even made it on to an episode of The Apprentice, with Lord Sugar upbraiding some hapless contestant for being unable to sell a stall-full of the cubes.

But is this last we have seen of him in the series? Perhaps the scourge of apprentices could be about to return as the Master.

Last updated: 3:05pm, September 28 2012