Why ex-PC is happy with the blues

August 30, 2012

Some years ago a Jewish constable called Paul Thomas (below) won a claim of racial discrimination against the Metropolitan Police after being labelled the Milky Bar Yid and other names. While on sick leave fighting the case, he began writing blues lyrics.

Now living in Israel with his family, he released an album, A Million Love Songs, this year with local songwriter Ofer Hamerman and singer Orly Vardy who incidentally was once chosen by Wiltshire-based Venture Radio as their Artist of the Year. It has just won them a contract with New York’s ACM Records.

ACM co-president Eve Adams says that Mr Thomas brings a fresh approach to love ballads, while Ms Vardy’s voice reminds her of the late Ofra Haza.

"Through my music," Mr Thomas said, "I find my way of expressing what I have been through, both bad and good and A Million Love Songs hopefully expresses the good."

Last updated: 3:45pm, August 30 2012