Chicken in the Himalayas

August 21, 2012

You would think that finding a kosher chicken for Shabbat in the Himalayas would be a tricky proposition.
However, the Chabad centre in the northern Indian village of Kasol, near the Kashmir border and the Himalayas, does offer kosher food. Business is brisk, with thousands of Israeli backpackers passing through each year.

All good then… as long as there is not a power cut on a Friday afternoon, that is. This is a recurring problem in outlying areas of India and, whenever it happens, the centre has to throw out hundreds of kosher chickens stored in its fridges and freezers.

But, thanks to British businessman and philanthropist Martin Stern, the centre now has its own generator — which means that travellers will now be able to safely eat their Shabbat dinner while enjoying one of the world’s greatest views.

Last updated: 10:17am, August 21 2012