Gold medallist's Hebrew tattoo

August 6, 2012

Eagle-eyed swimming fans might have spotted that France’s gold medal-winning swimmer, Fabien Gilot, though not Jewish, sported a Hebrew tattoo on his arm, visible while he celebrated his team’s 4x100 relay victory.

Gilot’s father Michel explained the significance of his son’s tattoo, I’m nothing without them, which is dedicated to his family in general and his grandmother’s second husband, Max Goldschmidt, in particular:
“Max was a grandfather to Fabien in every way. He was a Jew who went through the Holocaust and succeeded in surviving Auschwitz. He was born in Berlin and after the war moved to France. In Fabien’s eyes, Max was a hero. He admired him and was very close to him.”

Max Goldschmidt died earlier this year. He lived to see Fabien Gilot’s tattoo but, unfortunately, not his gold medal.

Last updated: 2:08pm, August 6 2012