A Soloveichik for Chief Rabbi?

July 12, 2012

Much excitement as rumours began to circulate among UK rabbis this week that the next Chief Rabbi could well be Meir Soloveichik, scion of one of America’s most famous rabbinic families.

The great-nephew of the revered Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik will be visiting the UK in autumn as guest speaker at Lord Sacks’s annual High Holy Day conference.

Rabbi Soloveichik. who is in his 30s, heads Yeshiva University’s new centre for Torah and Western thought as well as being associate rabbi at one of New York’s most prestigious Orthodox congregations, Kehilath Jeshurun.
But a United Synagogue source dampened speculation, saying the only contact the US was aware it would be having with him was at his conference date.

Last updated: 2:29pm, July 12 2012