Olympics' Jerusalem problem

By Simon Rocker, May 3, 2012

The diplomatic status of Jerusalem is a source of endless dispute and this week it was the official website for the London Olympics which found itself caught in the middle.

In its profile of participating countries, the site listed Jerusalem as capital of "Palestine", while Israel's capital city was left as a blank space.

"After the error was pointed out to them, they then switched it on the site on Monday morning so Jerusalem was listed as Israel 's capital and Palestine was listed without a capital," said Middle East commentator Tom Gross, who posted a snapshot of the original entry (above) on his own website.

By Wednesday, the webmasters had thought again and the capitals of all countries had been deleted.

Israel's Olympic committee, incidentally, was founded back in 1933 but was not recognised until 1952: its athletes were denied entry to the last London Games in the year of the country's birth, 1948.

Last updated: 6:32pm, May 3 2012