Meet our youngest soap star

By Simon Rocker, April 6, 2012

Joshua Jacobs, two-and-a-half, has been on the TV screen rather a lot of late as George, the son of murdered mum Heather Trott, in BBC soap EastEnders.

When parents Radley and Amanda Jacobs of North-West London signed him with the Scallywags agency, "we hoped he might get a modelling job or a TV ad," Radley said. "Two weeks later, we got a call asking if he would like to audition. The day after the audition, we were told he'd got the part and asked to start filming a week later. We are still shocked."

Joshua - who goes to a Jewish nursery - has "hugely enjoyed" the experience, especially working with actor Joshua Pascoe who plays Ben Mitchell.

Allowed to shoot only 20 minutes at a time, he is chaperoned by his parents on set. "The lights and cameras can be quite daunting," said Radley. "But he's definitely a natural and he's improvised a lot."

Last updated: 11:11am, April 6 2012