Piping hot: news of the stews

By Simon Rocker, February 23, 2012

Never mind the Brits or the Oscars, I can now bring you the results of the hottest awards in town: the 2012 Cholent of the Year contest.

After 500 tasters from the Saatchi and St John's Wood Synagogues did their duty at kiddush on Shabbat, Deli West One was declared the winner.

A noteworthy achievement since the West End of London deli only opened for business a few months ago. Creator of the prize dish, Eliran Cohen, 21, gave his Shabbat stew an unexpected edge with the inclusion of Yemenite spices.

"We're delighted," said co-owner Simon Barnett. "Just a shame we can't get hold of the cup" - which reliable informants tell me had been whisked away to a food expo in Paris by last year's winner, Kosher Deli.

Last updated: 11:59am, February 23 2012