Olympic leap for salmon

By Simon Rocker, October 11, 2011

Given some of the sports admitted to the Olympics, then slapping a ball as far as you can with a side of smoked salmon would be probably more entertaining than most.

Which is not quite what is being advertised here by Lance Forman (above), managing director of Forman's, the century-old London smoked salmon company.

When he first learned that the premises of the family business was to be demolished to make way for the Olympic Stadium, he was fuming. But he has since made his peace with the games and Forman's new corporate events venue is just a javelin's throw away from the stadium.

The firm has now agreed to sponsor Great Britain handball athlete Louise Jukes (left).

The Olympics has also inspired Forman's events' Christmas Party theme, which features salmon leaping through five gold rings - although shouldn't that be five gold bagels?

Last updated: 10:50am, October 11 2011