Cantab, you have one hour

By Simon Rocker, September 27, 2011

Cambridge University has extended the deadline to allow observant Jews to vote for its next Chancellor, because of Succot.

The election to find a successor to Prince Philip has been fixed for Friday October 13 - the second day of Succot - and the following Shabbat.

But according to university regulations, those eligible to vote (anyone with a Cambridge MA or higher degree) must do so in person.

Former Science Minister Lord Sainsbury is the favourite, but radical lawyer Michael Mansfield QC, a supporter of the boycott campaign against Israel, is also contesting the post, as is actor Brian Blessed.

The university has now extended the voting deadline to 8pm on Saturday, an hour after the end of Shabbat, after receiving three enquiries about the clash with Succot.

So if you live in Cambridge, or fancy spending Succot and Shabbat in the city, here's your chance to vote.

Last updated: 11:22am, September 27 2011