Prince's Jerusalem pitch?

By Simon Rocker, July 7, 2011

Could His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales be trying to tell us something?

On Tuesday night, he addressed a packed audience at Guildhall to celebrate the 250th anniversary year of the Board of Deputies.
Accompanied by his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles got a standing ovation for his speech, which was crammed full of references to the long relationship between Britain's royal family and the Jewish community.

But some listeners were struck by the prince's repeated references to Jerusalem, which he men-tioned at least seven times. Prince Charles has, of course, been to Jerusalem once, when attending Yitzchak Rabin's funeral in November 1995. But was his speech a coded message, that the heir to the throne would love to go back?

Last updated: 9:50am, July 7 2011