Getting shirty for Israel

By Simon Rocker, June 23, 2011

Israeli art student Noam Edry has been so upset by the anti-Israel sentiment she faced on campus in London that she is using her degree show to make a stand on her country's behalf.

She has recruited volunteers to help with her performance of "Coffee Stand", where they will serve Israeli coffee and wear t-shirts she designed with the slogan "I come from the most hated place on Earth", which continues on the back, "second to Iran".

Ms Edry, 29, who is taking a master's at Goldsmith's College, will also exhibit paintings about the Mid-East conflict from an Israeli perspective at next month's show.

Previously here as a pupil at Immanuel College, she went back to Israel for a few years.

"When I returned to London," she said, "everything had changed. I encountered so much demonisation of Israel."

At first, she tried to lie low, but then she resolved "I had to become political".

Last updated: 10:52am, June 23 2011