Shalit activist's bare facts

By Simon Rocker, April 7, 2011

By June 25, Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit will have spent five years in captivity in Gaza after being kidnapped by Hamas.

Negotiations that at one time offered hope of his release last year appear to have stalled.

So Grace Raizman, a long-time campaigner for his freedom from Nahariya in Israel, has turned to a novel way of raising his plight - distributing pictures of herself attired only in that traditional token of remembrance, a yellow ribbon.

"I wanted to get the attention of the world's media and our own politicians," explained the 33-year-old sales and marketing woman. "Nobody outside of Israel really knows about Gilad Shalit. And I want our government to see that there are regular people on the street who want him back, who would do anything to get him back."

Eye-catching as it is, I can't see her campaign being repeated by WIZO.

Last updated: 12:03pm, April 7 2011