A royal send-up at purim

By Simon Rocker, March 24, 2011

After our revelation last week that Prince William was to break a glass in order to add some multi-faith flavour to his wedding next month, his grandmother seems to have caught the inter-religious bug, too.

Her Majesty popped up at Brondesbury Synagogue for Purim on Sunday (above), helping to boo a few Hamans before knocking back a couple of l'chaims and departing with a bag of hamentaschen for Philip.

If only... You may have guessed that the wedding story was simply our annual Purimspiel - spun by my colleague Simon Round - but Israeli online papers Haaretz and Ynet did not and ran it as straight news. We even had to pacify an irate official from St James's Palace.

And the Queen at Brondesbury? Just a look-a-like this time, I'm afraid.

Last updated: 11:14am, March 24 2011