A lion in the ladies' den

By Simon Rocker, October 22, 2010
Howard Jacobson on Wizo duty this week

Howard Jacobson on Wizo duty this week

Much in the media about Howard Jacobson following his Man Booker Prize success last week.

Apparently his mother thought The Finkler Question too Jewish to win: she was also upset not to see the closing words of his acceptance speech on TV when coverage switched instead to some surfacing Chilean miners.

The novelist was meanwhile picking a bone with Philip Roth, telling the Guardian that the American Roth "thinks English Jews have no balls. He's wrong about that - not least because he doesn't understand England or English Jews. He thought this is a hotbed of antisemitism."

He was also out and about adding to his own knowledge of English Jewry, addressing a packed Gan Wizo meeting in North London on Sunday night.

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