Bicom chair's Exodus link

By Simon Rocker, October 14, 2010

Bicom chairman Poju Zabludowicz was among guests at a launch for Operation Exodus, a new book about the refugee boat intercepted by the British before it reached Palestine in 1947.

The event was arranged by London TV producer Jill Samuels, founder of the charity Films Without Borders, who did the interviews for the book.

One of her witnesses was Mr Zabludowicz's uncle Yosef Reich, who lives in Israel. He, his sister and two brothers had been prisoners in Auschwitz - the four siblings were tattooed with consecutive numbers - but, remarkably, all survived. While their sister went to Sweden, the three brothers experienced the notorious British raid as passengers on board the Exodus.

Last updated: 11:34am, October 14 2010