Tony and two Jonathans

By Simon Rocker, July 22, 2010

Today presenter Evan Davis got into a tangle presenting an item on last week's JPR report on Israel-diaspora relations.

He introduced Reform head Rabbi Tony Bayfield not once but twice as "Rabbi Jonathan Bayfield".

"My mother would be very upset," the Reform leader responded.

Davis explained that they had "Rabbi Jonathan Sacks" on so often that the name just tripped off the tongue.

Which did nothing to console Rabbi Bayfield, who retorted: "I don't think it's improved the situation."

"It's a nice name, though," interjected fellow-guest, Zionist Federation joint vice-chairman Jonathan Hoffman.

Indeed, Today like it so much that their website still lists "Rabbi Jonathan Bayfield".

    Last updated: 10:22am, July 22 2010