It's kosher whisky galore

By Simon Rocker, June 17, 2010

Forget President Obama's huffing and puffing over the BP oil spill, here is a more grievous threat to peaceful transatlantic relations.

One of Scotland's finest malts, Glenmorangie, has agreed to accept kosher supervision - under America's OU label.

Surely this great British brand ought to be sporting the certification of a home-grown rabbinic authority.

I understand that the London Beth Din had actually hoped to bring Glenmorangie to its own supervised stable. OU certification is "recognised internationally, so our customers can enjoy Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky wherever they are based", said a company spokesman.

For the sake of British rabbinical honour, the LBD should send a squadron across the Atlantic and plaster its hechshers over every bottle of bourbon.

Last updated: 1:52pm, June 17 2010