Shining example of a horse

By Simon Rocker, March 18, 2010

Hurrah for Menorah the horse, which got this week's Cheltenham Festival off to a flying start with an unexpected victory in the opening race.

Much celebration at Mill Hill Synagogue where I am told many congregants took the advice of a seasoned punter to back the horse, which recorded a 12-1 win over odds-on favourite Dunguib on Tuesday.

Menorah's trainer Philip Hobbs did not know how the champion steed got his name although he knew it was something to do with a Jewish candlestick.

Alas, there was not the same joy for Jewish jockey Sam Waley- Cohen who came in second on Long Run at the festival the following day.

Meanwhile, I am off to put a bet on a greyhound called Latkeā€¦

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