Hats off to Lady Hayman

By Simon Rocker, October 29, 2009

A haimishe start for the Chief Rabbi at the House of Lords. When the new Lord Sacks of Aldgate, who took his seat among his fellow peers for the first time on Tuesday, acknowledged the Lady Speaker with a ceremonial sweep of his hat, Baroness Hayman responded with a greeting yet to be formally recorded in the etiquette books: “Mazeltov”.

The Chief had just come from over the road at the Supreme Court, where he and Lady Sacks had sat in for half an hour or so on the JFS case on some rather grand chairs especially reserved for them.

Meanwhile, JFS lead counsel Lord Pannick QC was spotted refuelling this week at the White House Express in Golders Green, favoured nosh-stop of X Factor contestants. It is not expected that Stacey Solomon will be appearing as an expert witness in the case...

Last updated: 11:03am, October 29 2009