Eastenders’ taste of Israel

By Simon Rocker, October 8, 2009

The boycott campaign has not reached Albert Square, I am happy to say. In Monday’s episode of EastEnders, character Sam Mitchell could be seen – at least by Hebrew-reading viewers – helping herself to a glass of Israeli orange juice.

(The BBC refused us use of a picture but you can catch it on iPlayer).

So was the appearance of the Prigat carton a crafty bit of product placement by the Zionist Federation? The BBC, wary of promoting brands on TV, probably chose it on the assumption that few would recognise the logo if it was not in English. But readers also tell me that Prigat has been on offer in the super-market near EastEnders’ Borehamwood set.

Or is there something about the Mitchells we don’t know? Ross Kemp, who plays Sam’s fictional brother Grant, was recently seen holidaying in Tel Aviv.

Watch out for the Sabra flowing in the Queen Vic at Xmas.

Last updated: 12:44pm, October 8 2009