Champion kneidls and dreidels

August 7, 2014

Guinness World Records will be celebrating its 60th birthday next year.

So there is still time for would-be Jewish world-beaters to make the jubilee edition.

The largest certified matzah ball was made by Noah's Ark Original Deli in New York in 2009, which weighed in at 267lbs. The monster kneidl required 1,000 eggs, 80lb of margarine, 20lbs of chicken base and 200lb of matzah meal. Others have since claimed bigger balls but the Noah's Ark record still stands, according to Guinness.

The largest Shabbat dinner was enjoyed earlier this summer by 2,226 people in Tel Aviv - a record that maybe Chief Rabbi Mirvis should challenge at his Shabbat UK in autumn.

The official record for mass dreidel spinning was set by United Synagogue Youth in Philadelphia in 2011 when 734 dreidels were simultaneously turned for at least 10 seconds.

Last updated: 4:16pm, August 7 2014