JW3 looks for the talking cure

January 26, 2014

When the new London community centre JW3 asked a consultant to advise on box office services, she found that the average phone call to book a ticket could take up to three times longer than other venues.

That was no reflection on the centre’s staff, however. It was because the typical user did not want to complete the booking formalities as quickly as possible but sought further help with inquiries. “Are you sure it is a good film,” they might ask, “Or is there something else you could recommend?”

Or what was on the menu at the Zest restaurant that day, or what was Dame Vivien (Duffield, JW3 founder) like?
Staff are being trained how to bring conversations with their loquacious callers to a speedier conclusion — politely, of course.

Last updated: 11:45am, January 26 2014