All aboard the Cameron club

January 21, 2014

The most interesting thing about communal leaders’ annual outing to Downing Street is who gets a seat around the Cabinet table.

I am told that an original list of 15 was drawn up to see David Cameron last Thursday but that was considered too big and so it was whittled down to 11.

Among those who made the cut was David Chinn, a new name to many people: he is chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council’s political oversight committee who, coincidentally, happens to be the son of the previous chairman of the committee, Sir Trevor Chinn.

Also on the visiting list was Debbie Klein, chairman of the JW3 centre and a recent recruit to the JLC. Fine outfit though JW3 is, it is not the most obvious to be involved in talks largely about the Mid-East, religious rights and communal security.

Perhaps the delegation was anxious to display another female face besid

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