Capping it for Mitzvah Day

October 27, 2013

Long-distance runner Richard Jones was on a training run in the Welsh mountains on a cold autumn day. “The ground was frozen, as were my joints, bones and fingers,” he recalled.

Eight miles from home, he spotted an object lying on the snowy ground: a cap. “I already had one on my head,” he said, “but my hand was frozen, so I wrapped my hand in it and finished the run.”

It was only when he was home, and about to put the item in the washing machine, that he noticed its logo, “Mitzvah Day”.

After looking up the organisation, he wrote to it to say his father had worked in Israel and still kept in touch with Jewish friends.

But how did a Mitzvah Day cap come to be lost in the hinterland of Wales? Your guess is as good as mine.

Last updated: 4:45pm, October 27 2013