Chelsea's on song in Brighton

August 4, 2013

Every weekend anti-Zionist demonstrators gather outside Israeli drinks shop EcoStream in Brighton, countered by a gallant band of Israel supporters.

Now a new voice has joined the pro-Israel camp, former JFS boy, turned celebrity drag queen Chelsea Fox.
Last week she performed her Dana International tribute act (below) outside EcoStream in an attempt to drown out her opponents.

“I’m a Jewish girl with a big mouth,” said the 36-year-old diva, who is a member of Sussex Friends of Israel. “They needed to be outsung and I’m the girl for it.”

After singing four tracks from the Eurovision Song Contest winner’s album, Chelsea plans to return to celebrate EcoStream’s first birthday next week as one of her favourite tribute artists. “Grace Jones is coming down and she’s bringing a lot of attitude.”

Last updated: 9:45am, August 4 2013