An Essex girl goes to Israel

February 7, 2013
Sam Fraiers (photo: Ancientsunlight)

Sam Fraiers (photo: Ancientsunlight)

Welcome to the new face of hasbarah; Samantha Faiers, star of the ITV reality show, The Only Way Is Essex.

The 21-year-old boutique owner was recently taken for her first trip to Israel as a guest of the Israeli Embassy.

She said that she would “definitely recommend” the country after visiting Jerusalem, partying in Tel Aviv and relaxing at a desert spa with her mother and friends.

“It’s not somewhere I thought I would personally book and go, but when we had the option, I looked it up online and could see that there was loads of interesting bars, clubs and restaurants,” she said in a video interview you can see on JC online.

Jerusalem was “amazing. We went to see where Jesus Christ was crucified. It was really good culture, there was nice little markets [and] we went to Jaffa. I learnt a lot more than I thought I would.”

Last updated: 3:28pm, February 7 2013