An English sheepdog makes aliyah

February 4, 2013

We recently reported that the number of pets making aliyah is on the rise. And here is one of them, Old English sheepdog Max, who is going with accountant Alex Stuart and his wife Alexandra — they are known as the Alexim — from Chigwell.

Mr Stuart, who is retiring to Netanya in April, said his pet had had “a concoction of jabs” but at least would not have to face quarantine.

“We were worried it would be too hot, but the vet said it would be ok if we kept his hair short and only walked him in the early mornings and evenings. There will be no long walks on the beach at lunch-time,” he said.

While animal aliyah may be picking up, the figure for humans dropped slightly last year.But at least the Brits are bouncing back, with UK olim rising from 560 in 2011 to 698 last year.

Last updated: 1:03pm, February 4 2013