Recycling — it’s all in the Torah

By Jessica Elgot, July 5, 2012

Recycling, green energy and conserving water have their roots in Jewish, Muslim and Christian texts, according to a new book.

Rabbi Natan Levy — social action consultant to the Board of Deputies — contributed the Jewish chapters to Sharing Eden, a Conservation Foundation project.

Other contributors were David Shreeve, the foundation’s director and environmental adviser to the Archbishops’ Council, and Harfiyah Haleem, an expert on Islam and the environment.

Rabbi Levy traces Jewish thought on the environment back to Adam entering the Garden of Eden “confronted with the task of sustainability... Do not let the world remain barren, do not accept brokenness. That is the message that God wished to impress upon Adam, and through him to all of humanity.”

Launched last week at the Royal Geographical Society and supported by the Board of Deputies, Sharing Eden examines religious thought on waste, water, energy, natural resources, climate change, food and biodiversity.

Last updated: 11:58am, July 5 2012