JVN film favourite

November 17, 2011

The story of a Holocaust survivor who sponsored an underprivileged Kenyan child through Harvard moved staff at the Jewish Volunteer Network so much, they bought the film rights.

Joanne Bell of the JVN said the charity wanted to make sure that as many community organisations, schools, chedarim and individuals could see the film, A Small Act.

The film A Small Act has the power to inspire

The film was screened at the Belsize Everyman cinema earlier this autumn for around 100 people but the charity is keen for more organisations and schools to show the film. Belsize Square Synagogue's cheder plans to screen the film later this year.

The film looks at the decision of Chris Mburu, a Kenyan Harvard Law graduate, to set up a fund sponsoring underprivileged Kenyan children into secondary education in the name of his own benefactor, Holocaust survivor Hilde Back, who had enabled him to escape poverty - and the connection between their two lives.

Ms Bell said: "There is a great deal of interest in the film, as it truly has the power to move and inspire."

She said she hoped it would "raise awareness of volunteering, chesed and supporting good causes in the community".

Last updated: 11:23am, November 17 2011