Zac Marks gives away his toys to help needy children

By Candice Krieger, June 18, 2009

At five years old, Zac Marks must be one of the UK’s youngest volunteers.

A pupil at Annemount School in north London, Zac has been collecting toys — with a little bit of help from mum Kelly — for Barnet Young Carers and Siblings (BYCAS), a Finchley-based organisation that supports young people who help care for family members with special needs.

Earlier this month, Zac invited his friends to meet and donate any unwanted toys to Bycas members. Zac, who turns six next month, tells People: “I asked them to pick a toy they wanted to pass on. I decided that I wanted to give toys to children who did not have any.

“I gave an old computer game and other people gave away Twister, Monkey Madness and puzzles.” There was also arts and crafts and sports equipment.

Zac attends cheder at Norrice Lea Synagogue.

Last updated: 4:14pm, June 18 2009