Warren Wills looks to bring Jews and Arabs together through music

By Candice Krieger, June 4, 2009

Award-winning composer and pianist Warren Wills is using his skills to break down cultural boundaries.

Australian Mr Wills, 48, is putting together a collaboration of Jewish and Middle Eastern music at London’s Shaw Theatre on Sunday.

Called Genesis to Broadway, the event, which features a variety of musical genres and a performance from Iraqi musician Ahmed Mukhtar, is part of a bigger project by Mr Wills to celebrate the commonalities of people in the Middle East. He tells People: “We are hoping to use the concert as a springboard to do more in New York, Gaza, Jerusalem and Baghdad.

“We are very excited about using music to transcend borders. As a professional musician, I think it is very important to give something back.”

Mr Wills, who has worked with Woody Allen, was awarded the Carling London Best Musical Award for Pinmoney Opera in 1992.

Last updated: 11:06am, June 4 2009