Warren Bergson uses the law to keep celebrities driving

By Candice Krieger, May 30, 2008

Manchester lawyer Nick Freeman, aka “Mr Loophole”— known for helping celebrity clients escape driving convictions — is not the only crusading solicitor around. Warren Bergson, who lives in Broughton Park and calls himself “the motorist’s friend”, is carving out a successful niche of his own. A specialist in traffic law, Mr Bergson — who does not hold a driving licence —
recently got former champion jockey Kieren Fallon off a motoring charge. The 55-year-old defended Mr Fallon from the accusation of speeding when a camera caught him travelling at 40mph in a 30mph zone in Cambridge in May last year.

“You have to delve into the case in minute detail in order to find those golden nuggets which will result in acquittal — the basis upon which Mr Freeman has built his reputation,” Mr Bergson tells People.

Referring to the Kieren Fallon case, he says: “I showed in court that the speeding-ticket records were unreliable.”

A lawyer at Levy Solicitors, he has been specialising in motoring cases for three years. “Wealthy people have more money to defend, so if people need their licence, they will pay a fair amount to preserve that licence.” He is a member of the New Kahal Chassidim Synagogue, Salford.

Last updated: 10:31am, May 30 2008