Shira Kline is set to have British children jumping to Jewish music

By Candice Krieger, August 27, 2009

There is lot of noise being made about New York-based performer Shira Kline at the moment. Famous for her interactive rock concerts for children, which combine story and music, she is in the UK for the first time.

Ms Kline, aka ShirLaLa, is performing at Limmud Fest UK in Chesterfield this weekend and, on Tuesday, she will give a special concert at The Lund Theatre at UCS school in north London, in association with the Jewish Community Centre.

The 33-year-old tells People: “The joy of making music with children is that, guided by their imaginations, they are limitless in their ability to express wonder and gratitude. With adults the pathway is different, although, just as with children, it all leads to the heart and soul.”

She adds: “My hope is that children will walk away elevated, filled with love for themselves and the world. We’ll sing, we’ll dance, we’ll jump up and down, we’ll wiggle around, all to the melodies and stories of our Jewish life.”

Ms Kline is also about to release her new album, Earth Worm Disco, which she describes as “a green musical playground. It takes children on a musical journey that will inspire them to get off their feet, sing and dance and do a little something every day to help protect the world.”

In addition to performing, Miss Kline holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, New York, and has spent many years studying Torah. “My parents, both artistic and progressive, created a home filled with holiday celebrations and ritual.” Jewish summer camp also played a major role in identity-building. “My parents named me Shira — Hebrew for “song” — and, true to my name, music has always been a favourite way of expressing myself.”

Last updated: 11:57am, August 27 2009