Ruth Breckman composes a traveller’s guide to opera in all arias

By Candice Krieger, August 7, 2008

Ruth Breckman loves opera so much that she has written a book on it. Her debut publication, Selected Opera Houses for Everyone Around the World (Athena Press) is a 65-page travel guide exploring some of the world's greatest opera houses and their heritage. "I always felt opera was an elitist passion but it doesn't have to be like that," Mrs Breckman, 69, tells People. "People interested in architecture or painting can enjoy these amazing opera houses as well, not just opera bods."

When Mrs Breckman retired after 20 years in the travel industry, she completed a writing course and found the confidence to write a book.

She says her passion for opera and knowledge of the world inspired her to visit other opera houses around the world, including; The Royal Opera House in London, Milan's Teatro alla Scala, the Metropolitan Opera House in New York and one just outside the jungle in Manaus, Brazil. Which was the best? "The Royal Opera House in London will always be my favourite."

Mrs Breckman lives in Hatch End, Middlesex.

Last updated: 10:40pm, August 7 2008