Katy Lipson and Giles Howe stage a new London musical about Kaddish-singing rabbis, Turkish Jews… and murder

By Candice Krieger, August 1, 2008

Composers Katy Lipson and Giles Howe have written an unusual musical set to strike a chord with Jewish audiences. Their creation, Turkish Delight, features Kaddish-singing rabbis and middle-aged Turkish Jews.

"Turkish Delight isn't an exclusively Jewish show; however, there is a strong Jewish element throughout the production," Mr Howe, 23, tells People. "We, the composers of the show, are from Jewish backgrounds, and a majority of company members happen to come from different Jewish backgrounds too." Set in the UK and Turkey, the plot involves husband and wife Betsy and Ohad Cohen. When Betsy finds out about her husband's secret extramarital affair after he is murdered, her life unravels. "A non-Jewish audience probably won't get all the jokes, but everyone has to know what ‘Oi Vey!' means," says Ms Lipson, who met Mr Howe while studying at University College London. "On the other hand, they might not recognise the Kaddish, which has been set to a beautiful new tune by Giles."

The pair met at the UCL drama society. Manchester-born Ms Lipson went on to complete a classical-music degree, while Mr Howe concentrated on composing.

Last updated: 2:33pm, August 5 2008