Isabelle Stead gets an award nomination for her film, Kosher

By Candice Krieger, July 4, 2008

Film director Isabelle Stead has been nominated for an award for her creation, Kosher. The film — a comedy about a young Jewish boy who befriends a pig — is up for Best Short Script at the Super Shorts International Film Festival currently taking place.

Ms Stead, 28, works for Human Film, a European film company, which she co-founded. It makes films to break down cultural divides, and Kosher is its latest offering. Ms Stead tells People: “For the past two years, I had been wanting to find a project that wasn’t hitting people over the head with religion, but to break down the barriers of religion in a subtle and cute way.

“I’m really excited about making this film. For me, its about rediscovering my family traditions that were lost a generation ago.”

She came up with the idea for Kosher when working on a previous film. “Someone made a joke about educating a piglet and I thought: ‘Imagine trying to train a Jewish pig.’ And it kind of developed from there.”

The film, currently in script form, is scheduled to be produced next year. It has already secured a pre-sale to French television channel TPS-Star and Leeds-based Ms Stead is hoping to do part of the shooting in the Jewish quarter of Paris.

Human Film was founded by Mohamed Al-Daradji, Daniel Evans and Ms Stead in 2006. Productions include the recently premiered War, Love, God & Madness — a feature documentary filmed in Iraq.

The trio is currently working on Um-Hussein, a feature to be produced later this year in association with the UK Film Council.

Last updated: 10:48am, July 8 2008