Hannah Rendell celebrates the Israeli desert in her art

By Candice Krieger, August 1, 2008

If you are off to Israel this summer, you may like to pop by Beer Sheva, where British painter and sculptor Hannah Rendell is exhibiting her latest works.

Originally from North London, Mrs Rendell, 27, made aliyah around five months ago. She now lives in Lehavim - a small town outside Beer-Sheva, southern Israel - with her husband, Jacob. Her exhibition, Man in the Desert, aims to contrast cosmopolitan city life with desert existence. "Living in the desert, a place where historically many Jewish biblical events occurred, heightens my personal association with this beautiful country," she tells People. She says the paintings require viewers to spend time gathering hectic thoughts before finding reassurance. "It is a celebration of man's achievements in the desert." In addition to creating her own pieces, she runs art-workshops at a weekly art-fair in Jerusalem, and is hoping to bring her work to the UK later this year.

Man in the Desert is running at the newly opened Gecko Gallery on Smilansky Street, Beer Sheva, until September 3

Last updated: 2:32pm, August 5 2008