Elan and Josh Miller abandon London to volunteer in the IDF

By Candice Krieger, April 24, 2008

The North-London brothers have left their London life behind to join the Israeli Defence Forces — and fulfil a long-standing dream.

Elan and Josh Miller from Hendon, aged 20 and 19 respectively, are volunteering as fighters in the Israeli army. Elan, who arrived in Israel two years ago, is now a qualified tank driver, while Josh, who moved in September 2006, is a foot-soldier in the Golani brigade. They both plan to make aliyah.

“We love it,” Elan (pictured left) tells People. “There is a real sense of fulfilment. I am doing something to show my love for other Jews.” Josh says: “I always thought it would be scary for me to join the army, but over the past year I realised I could do it if I wanted to. I am proud to fight for my right to be in the promised land.”

How do their parents feel about it? “They are very proud and pretty scared,” admits Elan. “It’s not an easy thing for them but they know it’s what we
believe in.”

The boys’ sister, Gabriella, 15, also plans to make aliyah. “I woke up to the fact that people are trying to kill Jews for being Jews. Although this is a bit oversimplified, I do not want to let this happen. I wanted to be proactive.”

They return to London this summer.

Last updated: 3:27pm, May 13 2008