Daniel Ross goes online to put the E into entrepreneur

By Candice Krieger, November 20, 2008

Daniel Ross plans to help others tap in to the business world with his online venture.

Mr Ross, 29, has become a partner of www.efactor.com, which helps entrepreneurs to find funding, save costs and promote and expand their own businesses. Launching in New York in March, Mr Ross has set up the UK operation. The site, which counts the Wall Street Journal and Esquire among its partners, has more than 50,000 members from 72 countries. The plan is to recruit a million members.

"After launching in New York, we knew the UK was next. London is a global business centre and a hub of entrepreneurial activity.

"With the Olympics starting to loom on the horizon, entrepreneurial opportunity in the UK is rife. E.Factor wants to harness this potential and help entrepreneurs become really successful."

Mr Ross, who lives in Queen's Park, North London, worked in advertising for five years before deciding to establish his own company, DSJR, to help him pursue his own ideas.

He is a member of New North London Synagogue.

Last updated: 9:30am, November 25 2008